Products Overview

Preservative Systems

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Lifewood® CCA

NatureWood® ACQ®

Protim® LOSP H2

The Environmental Alternative. Suitable for decking, fencing and landscaping.

Suitable for fencing and landscaping.

Suitable for fencing, decking, pergolas and landscaping.

Designed for timber framing and is approved for both above and below The Tropic of Capricorn.

Protim® Optimum

DeterMite® H2F

DeterMite® H2F


Suitable for Hazard Class 3 abover ground applications such as cladding. DeterMite H2F is a dual action preservative, not only repelling termites but also killing them if consumed. Is an effective organic pesticide and is used in LVL and Plywood products. Inshield is a waterborne-organic insecticide used to protect high quality timber flooring.



Timber Care


MicroShades is a pigmented colourant system that can be used as a post treatment with CCA and ACQ FireGuard™ is a water-based, heavy duty coating designed to help protect timber utility poles from fire damage Protim Solignum Timber Care products have been developed to enhance or complement the durability and aesthetics of treated or untreated timber. Boracol is the name given to a series of 3 products that have been formulated to perform at their best for specific conditions and application. Ensure that you specify the correct product for best performance.